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Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station gets ISO certification

Thiruvananthapuram Central rail line station or Kerala has been recently granted the ISO certification 14001:2015 for ideal Environmental Management System.

Railways Network has been the backbone of our economy. As the essential component of infrastructural development and trade & commerce, the Indian Railways has ruled out the obstructions of language and civilizations. It is critical to guarantee that the fundamental convenience facilities at the railroad stations are in line with the all-around recognized standards, for example, ISO certification. 
 In the course of recent years, the state of Indian Railways is improving promptly. The Indian Railway stations are now progressing relentlessly according to worldwide standards. One noteworthy incident is of the Habibganj railroad station of Bhopal, which is the first rail route station of the country to hold an ISO certification. This best in class railroad station has striking and classy features, due to which it was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 standard in the year 2008. 
A distinctive and high-class railroad station that has set an example of quality management is the Thiruvananthapuram Central rail line station or Kerala that has been recently granted the ISO certification 14001:2015 for ideal Environmental Management System.  

1. How is Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station noteworthy? 
The Thiruvananthapuram Central is a significant railroad center point as- 
i.) It is the biggest railroad station of Kerala as regards tourist travel and an extremely essential unit of Southern Railways network. 
ii.) At this point of time, Thiruvananthapuram Central has turned into the central railroad station in the State of Kerala to accomplish in getting the ISO certification 14001:2015. 
iii.) It has therefore entered into the records of ISO certified railroad stations of Indian Railways. 
iv.) The earlier 2 ISO certified stations were the Habibganj railway station of Bhopal and the Coimbatore Junction Railway station of Tamil Nadu.  

2. How has Thiruvananthapuram Central station earned ISO certification? 
As examined above, Thiruvananthapuram Central is one of the biggest railroad stations of Kerala as far as a tourist in & out and thus a significant rail route central hub of Southern Railway. The railroad station is genuinely worthy of being given this ISO certification. 
The administrations gave at the station are as per the strategy and rules set by the esteemed Indian Railways in respect of following key perspectives:
a. Arrangements of train schedules, 
b. Signal & media transmission, 
c. Hygiene and cleanliness, 
d. Treatment of travelers, 
e. Traveling enhancements, 
f. Ticket bookings 
And many more. 

Here's the mystery behind the qualification of this railroad station to ISO certification for Environmental Management System: 
As indicated by Ajay Kaushik, the Chief Station Director of Thiruvananthapuram Central, the railroad station has just been in accordance with the standards for ISO certification and has offices for logical waste transfer and management. 

Ajay Kaushik, Station Director Thiruvananthapuram Central had himself stepped up for the ISO certification of this station. The main objective behind this was accomplished under the important direction of Mr. Shirish K. Sinha, the honorable Sub-Divisional Railway Manager. 
The ISO certification process was actuality a significant aspect of the proposed redesign plan of the Thiruvananthapuram Central Station. As told by Sinha, 

 The management board has now chosen to show the ISO certificate at the main entrance gate of the Thiruvananthapuram Central station with the goal that the tourists likewise see this great accomplishment. 
With that, the Indian Railways has by and by set a case of quality management. 
Moreover, this will urge different associations to go for ISO certification.
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