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What is Random Access Memory?

Here Information help us to understand about What is Random Access Memory in detail.

What is Random Access Memory?
First we Understand about Primary Memory.
Primary memory is also called primary storage or main memory. Primary memory has faster access time but smaller storage capacity. Its storage cost per bit is high than Secondary Memory. The Primary memory of a computer consists a large number of cells. Each cell contains a piece of information. Each cell is identified by a number, which is known as the "address" of that cell. A cell address is used to refer to a particular cell. The cell address is different from the contents of that cell. So when you want to store any information in a particular cell, it is necessary to specify the cell address and the information to be stored in it.
Similarly, to read any information from a cell, it is necessary to specify the cell address.
There are two kinds of Primary Memory:
1. RAM: Random Access Memory.
2. ROM: Read Only Memory.
Random Access Memory [RAM]:
It randomly selects and uses a location to directly store and retrieve the data. So it is also referred as Read/Write Memory.
Both Reading and Writing of data or information can be done on RAM [Random Access Memory].
When we switched on the PC, all the files required for the execution of program is place on the RAM from the hard disk.
When we switch off the Computer/ power failure then all the contents are erased.
So, it is volatile memory or temporary memory.

What is Random Access Memory
One Kind of Primary memory
Temporary or Volatile memory
Components of CPU- Memory- Primary Memory- Random Access Memory [RAM].
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