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What is an Algorithm?

A Computer program is an algorithm that tells the computer what specific steps to perform (in what specific order) in order to carry out a specified task.

What is an Algorithm?
The term 'algorithm' describes the method of doing a task
Algorithm is a set of precise rules that specify how to accomplish some task or solve some problem.
The two important factors in determining how to design an algorithm are the accuracy of the result and the efficiency of the processing.
There are two types of algorithms:
  1. Definitive algorithms.
  2. Subjective algorithms.
We will discuss this one by one in detail:
  1. Definitive algorithms: Definitive algorithms perform tasks that have a definite answer and a best method of processing. Searching for a word in a dictionary or searching for a number in a telephone directory are examples of Definitive algorithms.
  2. Subjective algorithms: A Subjective algorithm processes information based on an assumption, where the 'right' answer is a matter of opinion. Subjective algorithms are used in business, economics, financial forecasting, etc. The best-known Subjective algorithms on the Internet are those used by the search engines. Each search engine uses a different method to determine which Web page matches your search. It is the designers of the search engine who determine what is the 'best'. This 'best' could be different for different search engines.
What is an Algorithm
A set a precise rules
Specific steps to perform in order to carry out a specific task
Definitive algorithms
Subjective algorithms
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