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What is Wallpaper?

Here Information help us to understand about what is wallpaper in Computer.

What is Wallpaper?
Wallpaper is the background that displays on your desktop. It is desktop patter or image or picture may be graphic representation form background on which all types of icons, menus and all other things of the operating system are shown and moved around. 
It always in the background, all work is done on top of the wallpaper.
To change your wallpaper:
Follow the steps given below:
  1. Right-click your desktop.
  2. Highlight Properties.
  3. Click the Desktop tab.
  4. Select the wallpaper you want from the list that appears in the Background box.
Note: If you would like to display an image you created, you can click Browse to find the image.
Select how you want your image to appear on the screen. Choose from the following:
Center: Place the image in the center of the screen.
Tile: Have the image display as tiles across and down the screen.
Stretch: Stretch the image so the image covers the entire screen.
What is Wallpaper
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