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What are Input Devices of Computer?

Here Information help us to understand about what are Input devices of Computer in detailed.

What are Input Devices of Computer?
First of all we understand about What is Input Devices.
Input Devices:
The devices which are used to feed data and instructions into computer are called input devices. These devices convert input data into computer acceptable form. 
Keyboard and mouse are most common input devices and there are several more, that we discuss one by one in detail.
Now we discuss about Input Devices one by one in detailed.
  • Keyboard:
    The keyboard is used to enter data or give instructions to the computer. There are more than a hundred keys on the keyboard. These include letter keys, number keys, keys for punctuation marks and some special keys. When you press a key on the keyboard, you will see that particular character on the screen. As each character appears on the screen you will see a small, blinking, vertical line move one space to the right. It is called the cursor. It shows where you are working on the screen.
  • Pointing Devices:¬†Pointing Devices move some object on the screen and can do some action.
Common Pointing Devices-
  1. Mouse:
    It is most common pointing device. It is held in one hand and moved across a flat surface. By moving the mouse and clicking, you can select an item, or perform any other action. It generally has two buttons - left and right. Sometimes, a middle button or scroll wheel is provided. Mouse can be mechanical, working with two wheels and a ball, or optical which uses light beams.
  2. Track ball:
    Basically an upside down mouse. The user spins the ball in different directions to move the cursor on the screen.
  3. Joystick:
    It is generally used for playing games. It is also a pointing device. The stick can be moved in all directions.
  4. Light Pen:
    A device in shape of pen. It contains light receptor and is activated by pressing it against display screen. It basically imitates motion of hand.
  • Scanners:
    A scanner allows you to scan documents, pictures, or graphics and view them on the computer. You can also use software to edit the items you scan. It is used to put printed pictures and text into a computer. It Converts an image into dots that the computer can understand. To scan text, optical character recognition (OCR) software is needed.
  • Microphone:
It is Used to put sound into a computer. Need sound recording software.
What are Input Devices
Pointing Device- Mouse
Track ball
Light Pen
Components of Computer- Input Devices.
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