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What is Monitor?

Here Information help us to under about Monitor in detail.

What is Monitor?
Monitor screen is used to view outputs. Hence, this device is an example of output device.
Monitor is also available in different sizes. E.g 14 inch, 15 inch, 17 inch, etc.
Instructions given with the help of Input device, reflects on monitor.
When you enter data or give instructions to the computer, the monitor screen displays whatever you are typing currently. It also displays the output produced by the computer.
Hence, it is also known as the Visual Display Unit (VDU).
There are two kinds of Monitors:
  1. monochrome monitor and
  2. color monitor.
  • Monochrome monitor [BLACK AND WHITE]:
  1. MDA - Monochrome Display Adapter: It can display only text.
  2. HGA - Hercules Graphics Adapter: It can display both text and Graphics in one color.
  • Color Monitor: It can display text and Graphics in color.
  1. CGA - Colour Graphics Adapter.
  2. EGA - Enhanced Graphics Adapter.
  3. VGA - Video Graphics Adapter.
  4. SVGA - Super Video Graphics Adapter.
What is Monitor
An Output device
monochrome monitor
Color monitor
Components of Computer- Output Device- Monitor.
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