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11 railway stations in Palakkad division get ISO 14001: 2015 certification

Here describe in detail 11 railway stations who are certified with ISO 14001 certification and how much ISO 14001 certificate important for an organisation.

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a management system that centres on ensuring the environmental contemplations through strategic approaches in an organization. In basic terms an EMS is a method for consolidating environmental deduction into an association's every day exercises. Indian Railways have been the backbone of the Indian economy. As the pivotal mode of infrastructural development and exchange assistance, the Indian Railways Network has split away the boundaries of language and culture. It is critical to guarantee that the key facilities at the railroad stations fit in with the globally recognized benchmarks, for example, ISO certification. In the course of recent years, the state of Indian Railways is improving quickly. The Indian Railway stations are progressing consistently according to global benchmarks. Many railway stations across the Indian railway network have attained ISO certification by now.
One imperative case of this is the Habibganj railroad station of Bhopal, which is India's first railroad station to get an ISO certification. This best in class railroad station astonishes each resident its swanky highlights, because of which it was given the ISO 9001:2000 standard path in 2008. A different universe class railroad station that has continued this pattern is the Thiruvananthapuram Central railroad station or Kerala that has been granted the ISO certification 14001:2015 for Environmental Management System. Adding to this list of ultramodern Railway stations are the 11 highly advanced Railway stations of the Southern Railways network that have recently attained the ISO certification 14001:2015 for excellent Environmental Management System. 
Today we are going to discuss about these 11 stations in detail.
 ISO 14001 certification of 11 Indian Railway stations 
In acknowledgment of eco-friendly strategies implemented at railway stations, 11 railroad stations in Palakkad division of Southern Railways Network have now been conferred the ISO 14001:2015 certification for excellent Environmental Management System. The divisional railroad administrator, of the Palakkad division Sh. Pratap Singh Shami parted with the authentication to station authorities On Thursday, 12th March 2020.  
List of the 11 ISO 14001 certified railway stations 
 Given below is the complete list of the southern railway stations which have recently received the ISO 14001 certification for the Environmental Management System:-
Quilandi Tirur, 
 Mangaluru Central,
 Mangaluru Junction 
Key factors behind the ISO 14001 certification of 11 Indian Railway stations
 There are several contributing factors behind the ISO 14001 certification of 11 Indian Railway stations of Palakkad division. Many noteworthy measures have been taken by the Southern Railway Department in order to get these 11 stations recognised under the ISO standard for EMS. These are explained below:- Beginning of hi-tech automated cleaning mechanism at the railway stations along with the bio-toilets on trains can’t be ignored. Such bio toilets have helped in a quantum jump in the hygiene standard of the stations. After the presentation of bio-toilets faecal waste can't be released direct onto the railroad track. The authorites have aligned with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, and efforts have been sincerely made to educate the passengers about the neatness to the travellers. Enforcement of neatness is additionally done by the authorities at railroad stations and other railroad premises. A high penalty has been imposed on the individuals who try to deface the railway premises. The penalty for defacing the railway premises is in the range between INR 200 to INR 500. Penalty for dumping any kind of waste onto railway station premises is INR 1,500. These are some of the noteworthy steps taken by the railway authority to improve the hygiene and cleanliness at these 11 stations. 
Importance of the ISO 14001:2015 EMS standard 
 ISO 14001 is a global standard that determines the prerequisites for a successful environmental management system (EMS). It recognizes an association that deals with its environmental management system (EMS). It acknowledges an entity that deals with its environmental obligations in a systematic way in accordance with the ISO standard guidelines. It gives a well-defined structure that an association must follow, as opposed to the building up of necessities for an environmental management. In this regard, the 11 railway stations have set an example for all the organizations of India for the development of a successful environmental management system (EMS). 
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