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Lockdown will cause India Q4 GDP Growth To dropdown

Here describes the GDP growth of India during covid19. Know more about Aatmanirbhar Bharat Package.

India’s GDP widened at an unhurried pace in the last 11 years for the fourth quarter. Covid-19 as FY20 took place in March, which adds on the burden on the already slow economy and reflects the plight of India Q4 GDP Growth. Lockdown was imposed on 25 March 2020 in nationwide; however, multiple sectors had already halted their operations a few weeks ago.
Basis sector acquired by a report 38% in April, causes a blow on all eight-infrastructure sectors during the lockdown based on data released separately, which shows India's GDP Growth rate in 2020. Cement industry goes down by 86%, whereas fertilizers and crude oil shrank by 4.5% & 6.4%. 
Economists analyzed and stated that worse situation is yet to come, which flagging a recession along with the GDP rate of India in 2020 and expected to restrain in primary two-quarters of the financial year with the allotted lockdown of the past three months. 
To be on the safer side, some business has resumed its operation on a smaller scale. They switched the nature of their work to manufacturing health essentials in this pandemic. However, a major part of the economy is on a standstill, which affects the GDP rate of India in 2020. 
Growth Of GDP
Growth of GDP strengthens 3.1% in the quarter as the data shared by the government since lockdown it becomes slowest to a 0.2% rise in India Q4 GDP growth of FY09, whereas growth in FY20 estimated at 4.2%. Growth calculation for three quarters as mentioned earlier was revamped down where the following calculations were predicted 
  1.  4.1% from 4.7% in Q1 2019 
  2.  4.4% from 5.1% in Q2 2019 
  3.  5.2% from 5.6% in Q3 2019 
In a previous ET poll, independent economists foresaw GDP growth for match quarter at 0.5% to 3.6%, and that belongs to FY20 at 4% to 4.7%. Those figures were anticipated to be rewritten downward as the calculations founded on incomplete data. 
Overall economic meltdown
The manufacturing sector’s GDP shrank to 1.4% in the fourth quarter when factories were shut at the end of March month. Surprisingly public administration and agriculture grew up to 5.9% and 10.1% simultaneously. The construction sector also constrains to 2.2%, whereas the financial sector considered as the fastest growing sector seek a hike of only 2.4%. Unfortunately, an indicator of investment and Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) shrank to 6.4% in the ending of a financial year or match quarter.
Experts ViewPoint  
Although the government has eventually eased the restrictions in some sectors. It is expected that further wave of infection derailed the probability of a comeback. Additionally, the government has divulged a relief package of 20 lakh crore, which comprise liquidity criteria taken by (RBI) Reserve Bank Of India to contradict the consequence of lockdown. RBI provides liquidity backing and other regulatory relief and yet cut rates twofold to file low. Though some experts stated that standards would not help to stimulate demand besides India's GDP growth rate in 2020.
However, the govt has given numerous reliefs to the businesses having MSME registration in the form of Aatmnirbhar Bharat package

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