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What is Ms-Excel?

Here Information help us to understand what is Excel and its uses.

What is MS-EXCEL?
Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to organize data, complete calculations, make decisions, graph data, and develop professional-looking reports.
There are three major parts of Excel or any other spreadsheet program:
  • Worksheets: Allow you to enter, calculate, manipulate and analyze data.
  • Charts: Pictorially represent data in two-dimensional and three-dimensional charts.
  • Databases: Help manage data. For instance, once the data is entered, the software program can then sort the data, search for specific data and select data that meets a criteria.
To start Excel follow the steps given below:
  • Double click on the Excel icon on the Windows desktop, or
  • Click--> Start button--> Programs--> Microsoft Office--> Microsoft Excel.
Screen Layout:
Many of the elements are the same as other Microsoft Office products, a few are very unique to Excel. The figure below illustrates these unique, and common, features.
Common features include the Title bar, Menu bar, Standard Toolbar, and Format Toolbar.
  • TITLE BAR: The Title bar exists at the top of the window and displays the title or name of the program. It has a program icon button on its left corner and two resizing buttons and a close button on the right corner.
  • MENU BAR: The Menu bar is just below the Title bar. It displays the names of various menus, such as File, Edit, View, Insert, etc. Clicking on any of the menu names opens up the respective menu. These are referred to as dropdown menus.
  • TOOLBAR: Excel window has two toolbars, i.e. Standard Toolbar and Formatting Toolbar. Toolbars have buttons showing the icons for the corresponding tools. These represent the shortcuts to the actions that can be performed by going into different menus from the menu bar. When you click on a button in either of the toolbars, it either performs the corresponding action or opens up a submenu showing various choices.
However, the unique features are the Sheet Tabs, Chart Toolbar, and Formula Bar. These unique features are explained below.
  • Sheet Tabs: In Microsoft Excel, a workbook is the file in which you work and store your data and can contain many worksheets. Various kinds of related information can be organized in a single file through worksheets. The names of the sheets appear on tabs at the bottom of the workbook window. To toggle between sheets, just click the sheet tabs.
  • Chart Toolbar: In Microsoft Excel, creating charts and graphs are common. Thus, there is a special toolbar designated toward the creating and editing of Excel charts and graphs. Most often, when you work on a chart or graph, the toolbar will appear. If it does not, go to View, then to Toolbars, and select Chart.
  • Formula Bar: As data entered into the cells, it appears in the formula bar at the top of the screen. It displays the content of the active cell which can be edited later. The formula bar can display text, numbers, formulas, and functions. 
  • Frame: It is located below the Formula bar and down the left side of the window consisting of Horizontal bar of letters showing the column numbers and a vertical bar showing the row numbers.
  • Worksheet: A worksheet represents the working area on the screen. It is the area where data is entered and calculations are performed. It is divided into rows and columns. Row are numbered from top to bottom as 1,2,3... and so on. Columns are labelled from left to right as A,B... to Z and then AA, AB, etc. up to IV. There are 65,536 rows and 256 columns in an Excel Worksheet.
What is MS-EXCEL
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