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Vladimir Putin: The most powerful president in the world

An ex-spy rising from the shadows to become one of the powerful leaders in the world.

First of all, let me take a moment to quote Vladimir Putin, he says, “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”. Vladimir Putin is a former foreign intelligence officer, a lieutenant colonel, a badass leader and presently the President of Russia. He is serving as President since 2012 and this is his third term as president in the office, so a man being elected to serve as a President for a long span must have some qualities, which undoubtedly make him trustworthy. Russia is the largest country in the world and has a catastrophic history. It has seen the collapse of the monarchy, fall of democracy, World War II, the great depression and the split of the Soviet Union. Then comes Putin and raises the standard of living, its image and earns respect for him and his country. Putin understands Russia therefore somehow he has been able to govern it, Russia is a rich country containing some of the largest deposits of raw materials, oil, natural gas, nickel, and aluminum. Putin uses these resources wisely and the ever-rising oil prices show that he also handles the cyber and disinformation front quite brilliantly (Example-The US Presidential Elections). A former KGB spy having no face in public became popular during 1999, a modern man rose to become the future of modern Russia. In one of the world’s busiest cities, the streets are empty for Vladimir Putin’s motorcade, 12 million people simply disappear on Putin’s inauguration day, though riots break out on certain places as it is not shown in television, it remains unknown, that is how Putin uses media. In 2012 it was claimed that the president had 43 planes, 15 helicopters and 4 yachts at his disposal including one superyacht then there are the palaces, report s say there were 20 presidential palaces available to Putin at any time, but the rumors about his wealth and his palaces has nothing to do with the reality but many believe that he is one of the richest men in the world. Vladimir Putin’s approval readings have soared as high as 86% in recent years consider that American presidents are happy when they break the 50% mark. It’s the cult of Putin, he has mastered the art a manly photo-op, he rides horseback with bare chest, finds ancient treasures underwater, he rides submarine to the bottom of the black sea and flies planes. Everything we find ridiculous about Vladimir Putin is appealing in a media universe that he controls. He has also controlled hard times well he has slashed social spending, implemented an austerity program, allowed the ruble to fall and his central bank has kept inflation in check. Putin is a fiscal conservative. In 2014, Vladimir Putin grabbed a piece of Ukraine for Russia, of course, many Ukrainians deeply resented the invasion but not Russia they saw it as a revival of a deep sense of power and national destiny. Putin has given back Russia its pride; it is once again a great power. Putinism is an ideology of social conservatism of anti- westernization but above all of the national power. Putin is a subtle player and has put Russia in the lead. 
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Vladimir Putin
Most Powerful
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