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No charge for canceling air tickets within 24 hours of booking, Learn 10 big things

Soon, new rules can be introduced for air travelers.

If you canceled the flight ticket in the next 24 hours after booking it, you will not be charged any fee as a canonical charge. The government has said this on Tuesday. At the same time, the government has also offered full refund to the passengers in the absence of the flight or delayed more than four hours.
The new Air Passenger Charter wants to amend the rules which relate to the fees charged by travelers on behalf of ticketless cancell or rescheduling. Now the passenger can change his name and travel date without any charge in the ticket within 24-hour lock-in period. This information was given by Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha. They were talking on the draft of the Air Passenger Charter here. Know about 10 things related to this change.
1) This proposed rule will not be applicable in the event that the ticket booking is booked 96 hours (four days) from the time of the journey.
2) It has also been proposed in the charter that the flight is delayed by more than 12 hours and if this does not catch its flight, then they will be given a compensation of Rs 20,000 and if the delay is 4 to 12 hours So they will be given Rs 10,000 as compensation.
3) If the passenger is given information about flight cancelation less than two weeks before and 24 hours before the departure time, then the alternative flight should be provided to the passengers. This work should be done within two hours of the scheduled time of departure or they should be given a refund which is acceptable to them.
4) If the airlines are notified of delay in flight 24 hours prior to the original scheduled time, or if there is a delay of more than 4 hours in the flight, then the airline will have to offer the full refund of the ticket. 
5) Although the government has made it clear that due to weather constraints, the aviation companies will not be answerable for such a problem.
6) Wherever the boarding is refused, the airlines will have to pay a minimum of Rs 5,000, as has been proposed in the charter.
7) In addition, it has also been proposed in the charter that there should be such seats in the airline that are accessible to disabled and disabled people and have adequate leg space facilities. All these will be free of charge.
8) According to the proposed charter, the information about the cancellation chord should be mentioned in the ticket. At the same time, aviation companies and agents can not charge more cancellation fees than basic fair and fuel surcharges in any situation.
9) The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) may consider issues where the airlines are not in agreement with the passenger on the issue of compensation.
10) Charter is kept in the public domain and the consultation process will be open for 30 days. New rules are expected to be notified until July 15.
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