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GTA - Rockstar games loses it's thrown. Check why ?

Grand theft auto -The Rocksttar games is in risk of losing it's reputation in tha market due to no frequent updates in the came.

Hyy guys....
In this section we will discuss about the reknowed PC game that is GTA. 
On Thursday morning, A notice was introduced to the manager of GTA by the Management staff. According to the notice, it is known that the market value of the game GTA is going deemed. It may be due to non updation done in the game. 
To be popular and earn revenue and best Results the company should frequently update the games as newest Technology.
Big loss to Rockstar pvt. Ltd. -
From the starting the company got a big profit for the boosted GTA game. After which rocker introduced the new and latest version of tha game also known as GTA 4, GTA sandreas , GTA 5 , GTA Punjab etc. 
But after that there is no updation done in the gaming and may people bored of fighting with the unpleasant cops in the game and as a result the company is losing it's thrown. It is a big battle between the Rockstar games and other uplifting companies. Which are in demand.
To fulfill the loss, The manager of Rockstar introduced that The Rockstar games should be updated regularly so that the public demand for the game rises. And company get best revenue from the partners.
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