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What is Hard Disk and Magnetic Tape?

Here Information help us to understand the External storage devices for Secondary memory about Hard Disk and Magnetic Tape?

What is Hard Disk and Magnetic Tape?
Hard Disk and Magnetic Tape both are External Storage Devices for Secondary memory of a Computer. We will discuss about both in detail.
Hard Disk
The hard disk is a small magnetic disk enclosed in a sealed box called the hard drive. The hard drive is inside the CPU (Central Processing Unit) box. A computer can read from or write on the hard disk.
The hard disk stores all the information on its magnetic area. And so, information stored in the hard disk will not be erased even if there is an interruption in power supply or if the computer is switched off. Hence the hard disk is a permanent storage device. It is not removable.
A hard disk is much faster than a floppy disk and has a huge storage capacity. It can store more information than a floppy disk.
Magnetic Tape
A Magnetic tape is like an audio cassette or a video cassette. A tape made up of plastic ribbon, coated with a magnetisable  material on one side is mounted inside a cassette. It can be inserted in a Tape drive to read or write data on the tape.
Like an audio or video cassette, magnetic tapes can be used to read and write data only sequentially. They can not used to access information randomly, like a floppy disk or hard disk.
These are suitable when large amount of data is required to be stored and accessed sequentially.

What is Hard Disk and Magnetic Tape
External Storage devices for Secondary memory
Secondary Memory- Hard Disk and Magnetic Tape.
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