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What is a Spreadsheets?

Here Information helps us to know and understand what is a Spreadsheets and how it is Useful.

What is a Spreadsheet?
A Spreadsheet is defined as a large sheet containing any Information arranged in a matrix of rows and columns. The information can be text or numbers. A spreadsheet is also known as Worksheet.
A spreadsheet provides the facility to organize data in rows and columns so that it becomes easy to interpret and analyse. Your report card is an example of a spreadsheet where marks scored by you in different subjects and in different test/terms are arranged in a grid of rows and columns. Your weekly time table and the date sheet for your terminal and annual examinations are other examples of simple spreadsheets.
You can also make spreadsheets on Computer. A Computer spreadsheet is referred to as an Electronic Spreadsheet. To make and use a computer spreadsheet a Spreadsheet Software is required.
Spreadsheets are generally used with numbers. Just as a word processor processes words, a computer spreadsheet processes numbers. So, we can say that a spreadsheet software is a program or a set of programs for entering, calculating, analyzing and manipulating sets of numbers. It helps in performing calculations at a very high speed on numbers and formulas.
Numbers, text or formulas are entered in the cells which are formed by the intersection of rows and columns. A very important feature of a computer spreadsheet is that it automatically recalculates all the formulas whenever you make a change in a value or number in a cell.
Spreadsheets are useful in various fields. For example, in business they can be used for financial analysis; scientists and engineers can perform complex calculations or you can use a spreadsheet to manage a simple data base. It is used to create bank balance, useful in banking sector for calculations of lots, inserting datas etc.
Lotus 123, Quattropro and Microsoft Excel, Google sheet, OpenOffice- Calc are examples of popular spreadsheet software.
Microsoft Excel commonly known as Ms-Excel or simply Excel is a very popular and widely used electronic spreadsheet software. Excel comes as a part of Microsoft Office package.
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Microsoft Office- Microsoft Excel.
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