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What is Floppy Disk?

Here Information help us to understand about Floppy disk in detail.

What is Floppy Disk?
A Floppy disk is a popular secondary storage medium. It uses magnetic media to store data. The floppy disk is a small magnetic disk enclosed in a square plastic enclosure.
A floppy disk is inserted into the floppy drive, which is inside the CPU (Central Processing Unit) box. The computer can read from or write on the floppy disk using the floppy drive.
Like the hard disk, the floppy disk also stores information on its magnetic area. And so, information stored in the floppy disk will not be erased even if the computer is switched off and the floppy disk is removed from the drive.
A floppy disk stores less amount of information than a hard disk. It is also slower than the hard disk.
There are two sizes of floppy disks : 5.25 inches diameter and 3.5 inches diameter. Nowadays, the 3.5 inches floppy disk is more commonly used because it can store more information than the 5.25 inches floppy disk. It has a storage capacity of 1.44 MB.
What is a floppy disk
A popular secondary storage medium
Small magnetic disk
Secondary Memory of a Computer- External Memory- Floppy Disk.
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