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What are Hyperlinks?

Here Information help us to know what are Hyperlinks and how to create hyperlinks in the document or any Web page.

What are Hyperlinks?
Hyperlinks help in moving or shift from one page to another, from text to picture or from picture to text by a simple click of the mouse on a link.
Hyperlinks usually appear in blue colour. When the pointer moves to the link, it takes the shape of a hand suggesting that it is a Hyperlink.
To create a link to another file/Web Page:
  • Select the text on which the hyperlink is to be activated.
  • Click on Hyperlink icon in the Standard toolbar. 
Click on Insert option in the menu bar and select the Hyperlink option in the dropdown menu. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears.
This box shows near the top Text to display: box. This box shows the text that you have selected in your document to be activated as a Hyperlink.
The Link to: box gives various options to which the selected text can link.
  • Click the first option in the Link to: box to create a link to an existing File or Web Page.
  • Now, type the name of the File or Web Page (including the complete path) or select the name of a File or Web Page from the list provided.
  • You can search for the File/Web Page by clicking on File.... or Web Page.... buttons under the Browse for: option.
  • After making the desired selections, click on the OK button.
A hyperlink gets created in your document, which will point to the selected File or Web Page.
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