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NASA got data from auto generated Satellite from Jupiter. Yes, it is. Check now

A Satellite was auto introduced from Jupiter. Which sent pictures of allien and data of climatic condition on Jupiter. NASA doesn't know who introduced that Satellite from Jupiter.

India's Satellite agency partner got a message in an unknown Language format. With data and pictures of aliens. 
After investigation a report was issued from NASA which was  very shocking .
The report was about a Satellite which was auto generated from Planet Jupiter. Yes, auto generated Satellite from Jupiter. NASA gave it a new name Mysterious Satellite.
According to NASA this Satellite has been launched on 2014 from Jupiter. Yes from Jupiter. Now the question is who launched a Satellite from Jupiter? Does NASA reported right ?
According to a report it is verified that the climatic condition of Venus and Jupiter is same as that of Earth. There exits life.
According to NASA a Satellite was launched from Jupiter which sent NASA some pictures of Allien along with message in an unknown Language and preference.
May this has happened that there lives aliens as there may be life and they have launched it and sent msg in their own Language.
For more information please be updated with us.
Dalpat I
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