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Email is no longer a secure mode of communication. Check why ?

Email has some new vulnarability found. Due to which it is now considered as an unsecure mode for communication between parties.

Big hack - Email found vulnarability 
On Sunday morning a German expert told the news about the new vulnarability he found using Email.
He said that some Emails which he sent to his business partner has been vulnarably hacked and the data is sent to third party. He reported this to the Email serving company and the company found a big Vulnarability using Email.
They composed a notice regarding it and the team are working to improve there services and maintain to protect the data of peoples in safe sofwares.
The hackers abuses active content of HTML emails, for example externally loaded images or styles, To create the channels, the attacker first needs access to the encrypted emails, for example,  network traffic, compromising email accounts, email servers, backup systems or client computers. 
So they hack the Url code and cookies required for above format.
Now Email is no longer a secure mode for communication. You may use The new Gmail or yahoo instead of using Email. As it has many defaults and third party excess.
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