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What is Compact Disk?

Here information help us to understand what is Compact Disk.

What is Compact Disk?
Compact Disk:
Compact Disk is one of the External storage devices for Secondary memory.
It is popularly known as CD. The CD is a small optical disk, which is inserted into the CD drive. The CD drive is fixed inside the CPU box. The computer can only read from the CD using the CD drive. Hence it is also known as CD-ROM (Compact Disk - Read Only Memory).
The CD is a permanent storage device. Any information stored in the CD can never be erased. The CD is removable and stores much more information than the Floppy disk but not as much as the hard disk.
A CD is faster than a floppy disk but slower than a hard disk. The typical storage capacity of a CD is 650 MB.
Earlier CDs were called WORM (Write Once Read Many) disks because data could be written on it only once, but it could be read many times. Data on WORM disks could not be erased. 
But Nowadays, erasable CDs are used. Any information written on such CDs can be wiped off and new data can be written over it.
What is Compact Disk
External storage device for Secondary memory
Introduction to Computers- Secondary Memory- Compact Disk.
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