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What is a Screen Saver?

Here information provide help us to know what is Screen Saver.

What is a Screen Saver?
Computer Monitors display images by firing electron beams at a phosphor-coated screen. If the same image stays on the screen too long, there is a danger that the image will leave a permanent imprint on the screen. Screen savers help prevent this by providing a constantly changing image.
Its Computer program that blanks the screen or fills it with moving images or patters selected when the computer is not in use. Its main purpose was to prevent phosphor burn-in on CRT and plasma monitors. Modern monitors are not having this issue.
How to select a screen saver?
To select a screen saver :
  1. Right-click anywhere on the Windows desktop. A context menu will appear.
  2. Choose Properties. The Display Properties dialog box will appear.
  3. Click the Screen Saver tab.
  4. The Screen Saver field provides the list of available screen savers. Select the screen saver you want from the list.
  5. Click Preview to preview your screen saver.
  6. Click Esc to return to the Display Properties dialog box.
  7. In the Wait field, set the number of minutes of inactivity before the screen saver starts.
  8. Click OK.
What is Screen saver
Firing electron beams at a phosphor-coated screen
Windows- Screen savers
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