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US industrialist donates $ 30 million to Republicans

During the mid-term elections in November, the American industrialist donated $ 30 million in order to promote efforts for a majority in the house.

US casino tycoon Sheldon Adlation has given the Republican Affiliate Leadership Fund (CLF) $ 30 million as donation, so that the party struggles to maintain a majority in the house during the mid-term elections in November.

Republican officials told the Politico News, "The long-sought donation work was completed last week when House Speaker Paul Ryan went to Las Vegas and met the billionaire Adalition at the Venetian hotel there.

Adlashan's wife Norman Coleman was present during this visit. Former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, super PAC supervisor Corrie Bliss and Ryan's political Jake Kaston were present.

This $ 30 million dollar subsidy will be made public after the month of this month's financial filing of the campaign. 
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