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David W. Goodall looked forward to his death

David William Goodall is aged 104, and he opted for assisted suicide and some of his last words in a press conference was -" I am looking forward to it....."

Firstly let me introduce who this David William Goodall is or rather was 
He was a scientist born in the year 1914 , YES  1914  .
A small intro is given here . And also a picture of the man himself.

He has lived for almost 104+ years and had  seen  almost 4 to 5 generations come and go .
Moreover he was a scientist , one who viewed this world as a place full of possibilities , but the very possibility that he would survive this many years had frightened him or rather as we know the more we experience life , little by little our life force weakens , and when ones will to live decreases , and as the will to leave decreases due to this kind of a mindset that does not want to live , the life supporting hormones lessen and lessen all the more till the body becomes so frail that very minute disease can penetrate body's defense system and hence someone may die from very UN-SEVERE disease .
But Mr David  had opted for assisted suicide or EUTHANASIA .
He passed away yesterday ( MAY 10th 2018) 
(btw his last words during euthanasia was " how much longer is this gonna take ...." )
He has truly earned my respect for having made even death bow before his attitude .

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