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Why Siri cant beat Google

Siri , although loved and admired by all apple users isnt as efficient as google assistant , here are some of the few reasons.

off the lets get to the point.
  • Siri can do very little when is not while google assistant can do much more.
  • Siri can indeed be taught who you are and who is your mom and her number but you cant configure shortcut command like in google for ex if you teach your assistant to turn to DO NOT DISTURB mode when you say good it will exactly do it. Some tricks are here
  • Sine google has its own integrated map system and status of traffic of different area it can suggest you the best path when you say " commute to work" whereas would just show you the map.
  • Some of the more awesome things that are coming that google assistant will be able to make calls for making an appointment. Which is totally unbelievable but its true look at the video
  • believe me or not it is extremely simple to start up or post info about some shop or update images about any shops, so if you want to know when your favourite restaurant is closing on a memorial day, Google has got you covered
  • AND what is more is that Google has actually made a google assistant app for ios, how dope is that, but sadly Siri is not available on Android
  • if my article couldn't change your mind then let not this video.
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