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FLYING TAXI coming by 2020

Uber, as we know, is probably the biggest cab company but what its ambitions are far surpassing any ordinary mans thinking.

Well, it was very well known that air transport and vehicle transport was something totally different and for many ages man had tried to bring them together, to make a car that could both fly over the seas and run on roads. However uber approached this problem differently, the left the different portfolios to two different groups instead of trying to bring them under one. They made a precise and descriptive plan to make air travel withing short spaces really easy and cheap that many people can afford it ( because lets face it, cheaper the rates, more the customers) and as we know an airplane takes such a long runway and turning is pretty difiicult, these factors make travel within an area by any kind of aeroplane impossible , so what uber did is that they chose a helicopter type of vehicle and added the drone ideology of vertical take of, hovering and slow landing along with precise movements.
For these reasons, some say that uber's new flying car is a cross between a helicopter and a drone image is given below.
The concept is too cool for techies, but only as fiction, BUT Uber working hard to make it possible. It was published that by 2020 test driving of the vehicles would have begun and will be in full swing in Los and it would be made enabled by 2023.
it makes you think just how much man has evolved but then again the part brings horror to many because the auto driving car that uber let go on streets had killed a person actually.
But fear in this project which holds or may hold a great place in human Uber is not  Uber has paired up with NASA  to model them a flight path managing system that would accurately help pilots and also later help with auto-. That is all for today but here are some videos you can watch to get a better understanding of it or go here to read more about it.
this is the official video by UBER
Future Taxi
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