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What is a Desktop?

Here Information help us to know What is a Desktop in Windows XP

What is a Desktop?
When you start your Computer, the first thing you see is the desktop. The desktop is your work area.
The small pictures on the Desktop are called icons. Different Computers may have a different set of icons on their desktops. Each icon represents a program in Windows. The name of that program is written under the icon.
Taskbar: By default, the taskbar is located on the bottom edge of the desktop. You can click the taskbar and drag it to other locations. The Start button, active program buttons, icons for quick access to programs, and the current time are located on the taskbar.
My Computer: The My Computer icon provides access to the resources on your computer. You can access your drives and other peripherals by clicking on the My Computer icon.
Internet Explorer: The Internet Explorer icon launches the Internet Explorer browser.
The Recycle Bin: When you delete an object, Windows XP sends it to the Recycle Bin. You can restore objects that are located in the Recycle Bin or you can permanently delete them.
Shortcut icon: Icons with an arrow in the lower left corner are shortcut icons. Click the icon for quick access to the object they represent (Program, document, printer, and so on).
Notification area: On the Right- hand side of the Taskbar is the Notification area. It contains the icons of some programs. To the extreme right of the Notification area is the clock.
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