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What is a Computer?

Here We learn about what is a Computer and its Terminology.

What is a Computer?
The word 'computer' is derived from the word 'to compute', which means 'to calculate'. Therefore, many people think that a computer is just another calculating machine - a fast calculator. But, in fact, a computer is much more than a simple calculating machine.
Initially, Computers were used only to perform big and complex calculations quickly and accurately. But today, a computer is also used to read, write, draw and perform many other functions. A Computer is used to listen to music, watch movies and also play games.
The Internet is a worldwide network of computers that hold a large amount of information that you can obtain using your personal computer (PC). You can also communicate with other Internet users around the world. You can send and receive messages (e-mails) across the world in a few seconds.
A Computer is an Electronic Machine. It will do exactly as it told to do. It carries out the instructions given to it perfectly. It will make mistakes only if some wrong instructions are given to it.
A Computer takes in facts known as data. It works on (processes) the data (input) according to the instructions given to it and produces information (output).
Let us learn some Basic Computer Terminology.
  1. Input: Data or raw facts entered into a computer are called input. Input could be numbers, letters, pictures or even sound.
  2. Program: A set of logical (step-by-step) instructions given to a computer to perform a task or work on the data is called a program.
  3. Processing: When the computer works on the data (input) according to the instructions (program), it is called processing.
  4. Output: Information that is produced by the computer after processing the data is called output. Output is displayed by the monitor or printed by a printer.
  5. Hardware: It is the computer's machinery. All the parts of the computer that you can see and touch are called hardware. The keyboard, monitor, printer, mouse, etc. are all hardware.
  6. Software: All the different sets of programs together are called software.
Study the following illustration carefully:
Input--> Processing with the help of Programs--> Output
Computer Languages:
Computers can understand only those instructions that are written in binary code. But writing instructions or programs in binary code takes a very long time. So Computer Languages that use decimal numbers, words and symbols have been developed. These are then converted into binary code by some special programs. There are two main types of Computer Languages:
  1. High-Level Languages: They are very easy to learn because they use words that we use in our language. High-Level Languages are converted into binary code by using a special program called an interpreter or a compiler.
  2. Low-Level Languages: They use abbreviations or short forms to give instructions to the Computer. Low-Level Languages are converted into binary code by using a special program called an assembler.

What is a Computer and its terminology
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Computer and its Terminology
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