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Advantages and Uses of a Computer

Here Information helps to know the Advantages and the Uses of a Computer

Advantages and Uses of a Computer
Advantages of a Computer :
A Computer is used in almost all fields of life. It helps man to do work faster and more accurately. A Computer can work continuously without any reduction in its efficiency. Computers are used for reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, watching movies, sports and many other tasks. Let us see how Computers are useful to us.
  1. Greater Efficiency : Computers help people to do their work more efficiently. For example, managers in industries use computer to obtain quick and accurate information that can help them identify problems and opportunities. This helps them to perform their functions of planning and controlling more efficiently.
  2. Better Services : With the use of computers at Railway station and airports, reservation of tickets has become easier. In banks, computers are used to keep accurate accounts of depositors and provide them quick banking services. Use of computers in offices, hotels, hospitals and other places have benefited people and they have started getting better services.
  3. Education : Computers are widely used in schools, colleges, and educational institutions. A large variety of Educational Software is available to teach all the subjects. Learning with the help of computers is not only easy and quick but great fun, too.
  4. Entertainment : Computers are used to listen to music, watch movies or cartoons and even play games, watching sports. Computers are used to compose music.
Uses of a Computer :
As you already know, Computers are used in almost all fields of life. They are used in educational institutions, banks, offices, hospitals, Government departments, scientific research, industries and many other fields. Let us see the uses of Computers in various fields.
  1. Weather forecasting : Meteorologists use supercomputers for weather forecasting. A large amount of weather information from all around the world is collected and stored in computers. Complex calculations for temperature, air pressure and humidity are done quickly and accurately with the help of computers.
  2. Desktop Publishing : Computers are used for Desktop Publishing (DTP). Designing and printing of letters, reports, books, magazines, newspapers and other documents is done with the help of DTP software. DTP makes it easy to format text by choosing different fonts, font styles and font sizes for headings, header, footer, etc. Layout is also easily done with the help of computers.
  3. Manufacturing : Today, manufacturing industries use computer-based production technology. Computers are used to design and manufacture aeroplanes, cars, TVs, washing machines and other electronic products. Movement of parts and products is done with the help of robots, conveyors, etc. Automated material handling systems are widely used in assembly-line operations. Computers are also used to keep a record of inventories, sales and purchases.
  4. Banking : Banks use computers for on-line banking, handling of accounts, preparing statements, calculation of interest, transfer of funds, etc. ATM (Automated Teller Machine) facility allows you to withdraw cash even after banking hours
  5. Airports : At airports, computers are used to book or cancel tickets. Computerised data of arrival and departure of flights is also available at airports. Pilots use computers for flying the aircraft and also for take-off and landing.
  6. Railway stations : All the major railway stations across the country are connected with computers. Booking and cancellation of tickets is done on computers. Some railway signals are also computerised.
  7. Other uses : Computers are used in education, architecture (designing and planning buildings), engineering, animation, libraries, scientific research, space technology, defence technology, sending and receiving e-mails and collecting information through the Internet. In homes and offices, computers are used to prepare documents, keep a record of names, addresses and telephone numbers, etc.
Advantages and Uses of Computer
Greater Efficiency
Better Services
Weather forecasting
Desktop Publishing
Railway stations
Advantages and Uses of a Computers.
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