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The best books to crack JEE mains and advance. Goal for IIT !

Want to crack JEE mains and advance ? These books may help to achieve your goal ! Check now.

Are you planning to drop 1 year for JEE mains coaching ? Then see these books. It will help you much ! 

I am mentioning some books viz, 1.NCERT  
2.Fundamentals of Physics by Resinick Halliday and Walker(Vol 1 amd Vol2,Maestro Publications)
3.HC Verma Vol 1and 2 
4.Understanding Physics series by DC Pandey 
 5.Objective Physics by DC Pandey 
6.Problems in physics by IE Irodov 
7.Aptitude Test problems in Physics by SS Krotov 
8.JEE Explorer 1,2,3,4,5 and 8 are very important and must study books.

Here, Resinick Halliday must be used for theory only and in text examples should be solved(Numericals at the end should not be solved).
 If you really want to challenge your concepts from the core and you have enough time then only try solving Irodov and Krotov as maximum questions(not all) in these 2 books are of the level higher than that of JEE Advanced. Out of 1900 problems about 400-500 problems in Irodov are out of JEE syllabus. Krotov is much tougher than Irodov. 
 JEE(Main or Advanced) can be aced without Irodov and Krotov. A good book which can substitute Irodov and Krotov is "200 PUZZLING PROBLEMS in PHYSICS BY P GNADIG"(This book is of less level of toughness than Irodov and Krotov) 
 ALL THE BEST......!!
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