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Wanna make wireless Earphones and Charger !! Check out these steps

How to make wireless headphones and charger from local wired earphones and charger

Hyy guys !!
In this section we will learn to make wireless earphones and charger.

Here is a step by step guide to follow -

 Tired of wire earphones and charger ? Make it technically wireless within a minutes.
Wireless earphones and charger

1. You will need the following tools -
Earphones, magnet, connecting wires, tape, aluminum foil

Steps to make wireless earphones and charger-
 1. Cut the both ends of earphones
 2. Wrap it with aluminum foil.
 3. Tie tightly with the help of tape and connecting wires.
 4. Now plug in the end of earphones in mobile and place a strong magnet near it.
 5 That's it done. See how simple it is..

 You May also make a wireless charger same as above..

 You may also see video on youtube by the link Www.youtube. com/makewirelesscharger.

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