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What is a Flowchart?

Here Information help us to understand what is a Flowchart and its uses?

What is a Flowchart?
A Graphical representation of a process using standard symbols is knows as a flowchart.
A flowchart represents the entire process from start to finish, showing inputs, pathways and circuits, action or decision points and finally the output. It can be used as an instruction manual or a tool that helps in detailed analysis and optimization of workflow.
Symbols used in a Flowchart:
The ANSI [American National Standard Institute] has defined or standardized certain symbols that can be used in a flowchart. Let's learn these symbols, their shapes and what they indicate in the flowchart.
  1. Terminal (Oval shape): It indicates the starting and ending points of a process. It is also used to indicate a pause in an algorithm.
  2. Input/Output (parallelogram): It indicates the input and output of data in a process. For example, this symbol is used to assign value to a variable or to print the result value.
  3. Process (Rectangle shape): It indicates the processing and calculations in a process. It is also used to indicate values assigned to variables.
  4. Decision (Diamond shape): It indicates comparisons made and decisions taken in a process. It is also used to skip certain steps and move to some other specific step in the process. In this symbol, data can enter from one point only, but it may exit from more than one point.
  5. Connector (circle shape): It is used to connect different parts of a big flowchart. It is used to maintain the flow of logic in a long program.
  6. Flow Line (arrow shape): It indicates the path to be followed or the sequence of instructions that is to be executed in a particular order. In short, it indicates the flow of the program. 
What is a flowchart
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