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How to Insert Symbols in Word document?

Here Steps help us to Understand how to Insert Symbols in Word Document.

How to Insert Symbols in Word Document?
Let's perform the following steps to Insert a Symbol in a Document:
  1. Click the location where you want to insert a symbol. [Figure-1]
  2. Select the Insert tab.
  3. In the Symbol group, click the Symbol button. A list of different symbols appears. [Figure-2]
  4. Click More Symbols in the list. The Symbol dialog box appears. In this dialog box, you will see numerous symbols that you can insert in the document. The symbols that are available depend on the type of font. Different fonts provide different set of symbols.
  5. Select the desired symbol that you want to insert in the document.
  6. Click the Insert button on the dialog box as shown in the above figure. Symbol will appears in the document.
  7. Click the Close button on the Symbol dialog box to close it.
Note: If you do not find the desired symbol, then select a different font from the Font drop-down list in the Symbol dialog box and search for the Symbol.

How to insert symbol in a word document
Click Insert button
Select Symbol
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