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What is Calculator?

Here Information helps us to know what is calculator and its Functions.

What is Calculator? Functions of Calculator Buttons?
In Windows, Calculator is used to perform Simple Mathematical calculation as well as Scientific Calculations.
To Use a Calculator:
  1. Click Start
  2. Select All programs-> Accessories-> Calculator
Open Calculator, you will see the Standard calculator on the screen, figure shown above.
Calculator can be operated either by clicking on its buttons or by pressing the Num Lock key and using the Numeric key pad on the keyboard.
Like the hand-held calculator, the numbers you click on and the results of the calculations are displayed in the display box. But it does not display mathematical signs like + (plus), - (minus), etc. When you open Calculator, the display box will always display 0 (Zero).
Functions of Calculator buttons: Let's learn the functions of some of the buttons.
  1. Backspace: To erase a digit in the display box. Each click erases one digit from the right.
  2. CE (Clear Entry): To cancel only the last entry in the display box. It will not clear the entire display box.
  3. C (Clear): To clear the display box. Before you start performing a new calculation, always click on this button to clear the display box and return to 0 (zero).
  4. MC (Memory Clear): To clear memory.
  5. MR (Memory Recall): To recall the number stored in memory and display it in the display box.
  6. MS (Memory Store): To store the displayed number in memory.
  7. M+ (Add to Memory): To add the displayed number to the number already stored in memory.
Using Calculator: Let's divide 150 by 5 and also use the Memory buttons.
  1. Click on 1, 5, 0.
  2. Click on the division (/) button.
  3. Click on 5.
  4. Click on the equal to (=) button. You will see the answer 30 in the display box.
  5. Click on MS to store 30 in memory. When you click on MS, you will see the letter M in the blank box above the Memory buttons. This means that a number is stored in memory.
  6. Clear the display box and then click on MR. The number 30 will again appear in the display box.
  7. Clear the display box and click on 2, 0.
  8. Click on M+ to add the displayed number 20 to the number 30 which is stored in memory.
  9. Click on MR. You will see 50 (20+30) in the display box.
  10. Click on MC. The button above the Memory buttons will again become blank. This means that no number is stored in the memory now.
  11. Click on the Close button to close Calculator.
Similarly, you can add (+), subtract (-) and multiply (*) numbers, calculate percentages (%), square roots (sqrt) and find reciprocals (1/x).
To view the scientific calculator, click on View-> Scientific.

What is Calculator
Functions of Calculator buttons
CE (Clear Entry)
C (Clear)
MC (Memory Clear)
MR (Memory Recall)
Windows Accessories- Calculator.
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