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Buy Bitcoins using Paytm

Find out how you can buy Bitcoins using Paytm.

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Buy Bitcoins using Paytm Bitcoin

Today, Bitcoin has become a phenomenon; there are many gateways that allow Bitcoin trade. However, people still have trust issued finding the right person to trade with. In India the most trusted apps or websites to trade Bitcoins are Zebpay, Unicon and LocalBitcoins.com. 

The only source that allows Paytm is LocalBitcoin.com Paytm is electronic payment gateway which was launched in August 2010 in India. Paytm is used in India and many countries, people love using Paytm just because it is very simple to use. 

Paytm is not a cryptocurrency exchange therefore it directly does not allow sale and purchase of Bitcoins via their platform. Many people are still trading Bitcoin as an asset. They accept cash, bank transfers or Paytm transfer as mode of buying/selling Bitcoins. One of the most trusted ways to buy Bitcoin via Paytm will be to find someone in your network, other than this LocalBitcoin.com is a trusted website that allows Bitcoin trade using Paytm. 

If you are not able to buy using your credit/debit card or using cash then only go with this method.
Let?s see the steps to buy Bitcoins on LocalBitcoin.com using Paytm- 

? Go to the official page of localbitcoins.com. 

? Click signup for free and just fill in the details 

? Once your account has been created enter the amount in INR. Choose Paytm in payment method and click on search. 

? You will be redirected to a new page where you can see many traders. Choose traders with less BITCOIN price. The green dot shows people those are online at this time. Click on buy. 

? Now you are on trade request page. You are directly connected with traders via localbictoins.com. Chat with the person who wants to sell Bitcoin. Sometimes traders do not reply you fast but you will get an email after message. You have to buy Bitcoin within 60 minutes after that window closes automatically. You can also contact with a person using their phone number which is given in the description of bio. 

? Once you have talked to the trader and made an agreement, click on pay, after you make the payment to the trader click on ?I HAVE PAID? . 

? There will be successful verification Bitcoin released to your Bitcoin address which will be reflected in your Bitcoin wallet in 30 minutes. 

Here are few services where you can exchange your Money for Bitcoins the counter exchanges support Paytm wallets and other type of payments.


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Sandeep Semwal
Content Writer