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The inspiring life lessons from ''Dobby the house-elf''

watching harry potter from childhood but today we should know '' some inspiring lessons from ''Dobby the house-elf''

Who doesn't know about the interesting character of Harry Potter '' dobby''? Dobby served the Malfoy family. Dobby was a loyal friend of Harry Potter. Dobby risked his life to save his beloved friend Harry.

Some inspiring lessons from Dobby's life

you should do everything for your friends.  stealing Gillyweed for harry potter was amazing, Doby did it for his beloved friend.

Keep secrets of your friends 

cover every embracing moment of your friends as Dobby did it for Harry. when a room of requirement moved and Dobby house-elf winky has lost a job for Barty Crouch.

Never allow anybody to hurt your friend

Dobby's heartbreaking death scene was an emotional scene. Dobby threw his life Harry and saved Harry and his friends.

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